Daily Schedule

Here is our daily schedule.  The boxes highlighted in orange are activities that I will do with my 5-yr old only (unless little brother wants to participate).  Activities in red are for the 3-yr old.  All other activities both will participate in.  I have an area set aside with activities for either child to work on while I'm working with the other.  This schedule is very tentative (as of July '12).  I will update it as we have to make changes.  I'm sure we will have to dedicate more time to CC, but until we get started I'm going to leave it blocked as such.

Spanish Lesson Plan Sheet

This document is what I am using to plan our Spanish lessons.  I have the lessons arranged into 2-week thematic units. I spent the summer planning the lessons for the entire year.

Weekley Schedule Planning Sheet

This document is what I use to plan out our week.  Since we do so much more than just Spanish, I needed a way to plan for all our activities (Spanish themes, Scholastic News, Classical Conversations, Singapore Math, MEP Math, Art, Science, etc.).  We are busy on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Classical Conversations and Gymnastics, so those days are much smaller.  We only do a couple of things on those days (usually a Spanish video or computer activity and Math).  This planning sheet has been the most helpful in ensuring that we complete all our planned lessons for the week.

Weekly Schedule for 3-yr old

Here is the weekly overview of what I'm doing with my 5-yr old.  I still need to fill in activities for the Math Concepts column.  The math exercised in white are from his Singapore math book, and the boxes in yellow are from the Mathematics Enhancement Programme in Spanish.  Since he is only 3, I probably will not move as quickly as I have scheduled for the Singapore Math.  I want him to follow the lessons in Spanish with his older brother, though.

Weekly Schedule for 5-yr old

Here is the weekly overview of what I'm doing with my 3-yr old.  The last 5 columns (in light blue) are what we will be covering in Classical Conversations.  The History column contains the history timeline card numbers that we will be covering.

The math column contains the Singapore Math topics in white and the Mathematics Enhancement Programme topics in beige.  The Spanish and Religion themes are the same with both children.

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