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1st Grade Curriculum 2013-2014

Whenever I meet new homeschool families one of the first questions to arise is, "What curriculum do you use and why."  Today's post is an outline of the curriculum and supplemental materials I am currently using with my first grader for the 2013-2014 school year.

Daily Notebook

I use several of the pages from the Confessions of a Homeschooler blog.  In addition, there is a hundreds chart, some skip counting pages, a weather chart, a simple blob map from the Half-Hundred Acre Wood blog, and the Classical Conversations black outline maps.


Singapore Math (US Edition)--I am really impressed with the Singapore Math program, and it seems to be a great fit for my son; therefore, we will stick with it.  For my full review of the Singapore Math program, click here.

Reading aloud and reading comprehension with whole books--I have DS read aloud from children's books so I can evaluate his fluency.  I have him relay a synopsis and answer comprehension questions for books he reads to himself. practice and comprehension in Spanish based on the Bible.

Hagamos Caminos: Corremos--By mistake I ordered the cursive edition.  My son is just learning to read/write cursive.  I plan to start this Spanish reading program after the new year.


Handwriting Without Tears in Spanish--We actually completed Kindergarten and First Grade.  Now most of my son's print practice comes from copywork contained in Writing with Ease and First Language Lessons.

Classical Conversations Prescripts: Cursive Letters and Coloring--This is a great introduction to cursive that correlates with the CC Cycle 2 history.

Writing with Ease--This program combines copywork and narration.  The selected passages are all taken from great works of literature.


First Language Lessons--This English Grammar program is very repetitive, but it is just the right amount of time/work for my 1st Grader.


Rod and Staff Spelling--A basic, methodical spelling program.


Story of the World, Vol. 1--We listen to or read aloud 1 section each day.  Afterwards, I ask the kids comprehension questions.  We supplement the stories with the materials listed below, as well as library books.

Supplemental Materials
The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
Historia del mundo
Everest enciclopedia visual: Historia del mundo
Classical Conversations Timeline
Classical Conversations History Sentences
Create our own timeline


Kids of Integrity Character Studies--Wonderful online resource with complete character lesson plans based on Scripture.

Gotta Have God: Cool Devotions for Boys--My son is able to do this daily devotional independently.

La nueva Biblia en cuadros para niños--I read a story aloud each day, then we discuss.


Classical Conversations--One of my favorite aspects of CC is the science projects.

Little Labs: Intro to Engineering--Complete kit full of great projects.

Little Labs: Stars and Planets--Complete kit with projects related to astronomy.

Snap Circuits Jr.--Great introduction to electricity and circuits.


Classical Conversations--CC spends 6 weeks on fine arts drawing and 6 weeks on fine arts great artists.
Discovering Great Artists--This is a great book with all kinds of art projects which correlate to great artists.


Piano Lessons--We began weekly lessons at age 5.

Great Composers--We are focusing on a new great composer each week.

Classical Conversations--CC spends 6 weeks devoted to musical theory and the tin whistle, and 6 weeks devoted to orchestra.


Songschool Spanish--Once or twice per week
Salsa TV--From the Georgia Public TV website.  My kids love it.

Homemade Curriculum--I post all my Spanish lesson plans to share with all.

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