Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Free Spanish Textbooks Online

I wanted to share another Spanish resource with my readers.  If you follow MommyMaestra, you may have seen her post on this topic (that's where I found out about it!).  This is a website produced by the Mexican government with online textbooks available for viewing, download, and print.  The books range from preschool to 6th grade.  The link to the site is:http://basica.sep.gob.mx/reformaintegral/sitio/index.php?act=buscadorlibros 

The first pull-down menu allows you to choose among student (alumno), teacher (maestro), and parents (padres).  The teacher selection takes you to teacher's guides to go along with the text books.  The parent selection takes you to a monthly calendar with suggestions for activities and themes to go along with each month.  The student option allows you to choose the school year, then grade level.  Once narrowed down to grade level, there is the option of downloading a pdf of the book or viewing the book online.  If you choose to download the pdf, prepare to be patient.  The files are very large and take several minutes to download.

There is only one text for the 3 preschool levels featuring games and activities.  At the first grade level there is a separate text for Art, Physical Education, Spanish, Nature and Society, Math, and Reading.  Science is added in third grade, history and geography in fourth.  I found the texts to be full of delightful artwork and beautiful pictures.  They seemed to cover broad topics, leaving the teacher to fill in with specifics.

If any of my fellow bilingual homeschool families end up using these resources, I would love to hear how they worked for you.