Friday, March 22, 2013

Homeschooling Through a Move

I apologize for the long hiatus from blogging.  My family and I just underwent a huge transition--leaving Active Duty military, moving across the country with no solid plan for employment, and finally (after a couple of months) landing in Florida having accepted a full time job with the Reserve.  The craziness began in November when we made the decision to separate from the Air Force and started packing up our house.  It continues still as we are currently in temporary housing until we find a house.  Through all the upheaval we have tried to remain consistent with our homeschooling routine.

I want to be organized, I mean, I really want to be organized.  Every time I begin a new undertaking (ex. moving), I have the best intentions to maintain organization.  However, I can't seem to bridge the gap between desire and actual implementation.  With each move I tell myself, "This time is going to be so smooth.  I'm going to take all the lessons I've learned from previous moves and make this the best, most organized transition an Air Force family has ever had!" I try my best, making lots of lists, sorting things into lots of piles, using lots of various-sized containers with lots of labels.  Sounds like the makings of well-planned move, doesn't it?

Here is how our current move actually turned out.  Let me start by saying I had to pack for a couple of weeks in Texas and Missouri, a week Disney Cruise, and however long we planned to be in temporary housing.  Well, on the Disney Cruise my boys had no underwear, my husband no shorts, and I had no flip flops or sandals.  We have already completed all the homeschool materials I carried along with us, the rest is packed away somewhere in our 34' trailer, probably towards the back.  Baseball season has begun, and both my boys have two gloves now, the ones we had to buy and the ones stuffed somewhere in the trailer, probably towards the back.  That's really only the half of it, but I'll spare you the rest of the details.

Despite all the turmoil and lack of organization, we have been able to maintain somewhat of a homeschool routine.  Sure, we don't have all of our pocket charts, all of our art supplies, all of our fun science projects, or many of the resources we normally use.  It's ok though;  we've taken it back to the bare necessities.  During our school day (usually from 9 to Noon) we spend time reading and responding to books from the library.  We do math drills, reviews, and logic problems.  We work on our CC memory work.  We study Spanish at and watch Salsa TV.  Some days have been a wash because we were house-hunting or taking care of other business.  But for the most part we have been able to stick to the routine, one of the major contributing factors to maintaining our sanity in the midst of chaos!


  1. It's nice to have a post from you! Stay positive and don't worry about getting organized until you can plant yourself in a new house. :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement!