Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Great Spanish Review Activity (Actividad de repaso)

I just came up with this fast review activity the other day.  It turned out to be a huge success, and really got the boys speaking Spanish!  I cut out 6 shapes out of 6 different colors of construction paper (star-estrella, circle-círculo, square-cuadrado, triangle-triángulo, rectangle-rectángulo, oval-óvalo).  On top of the shapes I placed pictures of family members as well as our body parts flashcards.

I would say, "¿Dónde está _____?(either one of the family members or a body part).  The boys would take turns finding that object.  Once they found it they had to say, "__________ está(n) en _______ (shape) _________ (color)." For example: "¿Dónde están los abuelos?"  "Los abuelos están en el óvalo azul."

It only took them a couple of times practicing before they could say the sentence without help.  It ended up being, not only a great way to review previous vocab (family, body parts, shapes, colors), but also to practice grammar and speaking.

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