Thursday, August 16, 2012

Easy Spanish BINGO

My kids can't get enough of BINGO.  This week we are studying feelings (los sentimientos), and today we played several rounds of feelings BINGO.  Afterwards, my son asked me when we were going to start schoolwork.  (Ha! Success!)  Since it's such a great, fun learning tool,  I came up with this versatile, fun way to make Spanish BINGO cards.

First, I went to a nearby office supply store and purchased printable business card paper, then got home to find it about half the price on Amazon (Oh well, next time!).

Next, I purchased clear 8 1/2 x 11 business card holders at the Dollar Store.  I think there were 10 to a package.

Finally, I used Microsoft Word to make picture cards.  Word had a great selection of emoticon clipart, and it's super-easy to make the business cards using Word's label creator.  I placed and labeled one picture per card then printed off 2 sets.  I finished them off by laminating them.

For BINGO, I placed the cards randomly into the clear business card holders and let my kids pick which card they wanted to use.  I wrote the names of the feelings on little pieces of paper and drew them out of a cup.

The great part about these little cards is that we can use them for memory match, flashcards, Go Fish, and lots of other activities.  It is somewhat time consuming, finding the images, printing the cards, laminating, and cutting them out.  However, we can use them in so many ways, I think it's well worth it.

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